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Fiancé Visa

Fiance Visa

If you wish to come to the UK as a non-EEA citizen to join å fiancé or proposed partner who is a British citizen or is permanently resident in the UK you may be eligible for a Fiancé Visa.

This can also be a preferred route for couples who are married or are in a civil partnership but whose marriage /civil partnership is not legally recognised in the UK

Why not let our friendly, OISC regulated experts help you determine if you are eligible for a Fiancé Visa and navigate the application process?

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Minimum requirements

To be eligible for a Fiancé Visa you and your partner must be:

  • Over 18 years old;
  • Intending to marry within 6 months of your arrival in the UK;
  • Able to show that you satisfy certain minimum financial requirements

Additionally, you must be able to show that any previous civil partnerships or marriages that you and your partner have been party to have ended and are legally terminated.

As with a Spouse Visa, you must also satisfy certain minimum English proficiency requirements and it may be necessary to pass an English test by an Approved Test Provider.

The minimum financial requirements are designed to ensure you and your partner have enough money to adequately support yourselves without relying on public funds.

Application process

You can apply for a Fiancé Visa from outside the UK however you will not be able to switch in the UK to this Visa.

An application form must be completed and submitted with supporting documents.

Applications from outside the UK must be done online and you will usually receive a decision within 12 weeks.

Again, you may also wish to benefit from the priority service that is available in most overseas countries.;

This service allows you to pay to have your visa application placed at the front of the queue once received by the UK Visas and Immigration Decision Making Centre (EMC), to commence processing ahead of other visa applications.

Visa features / term

If your application is successful you will be granted a 6 month Fiancé Visa at the end of which you can apply for a Spouse Visa provided you have married during the visa period.

Holders of Fiancé Visas are not entitled to work and study in the UK.

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Let our friendly, expert advisers help you quickly identify the right visa and successfully navigate the complex application process.

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